website is running slow

  • hi everyone,
    i don't know what the problem is, but for me the audio on this website is just terrible. any time i try to play something, it has this "laggy" kinda sound with gaps in the audio. does anyone know how to fix this? (it's not a problem with my laptoop, other audio files work just fine.)

  • administrators

    Hi there Noa,

    Thanks for letting us know! Could you provide us with as much information about your system as possible, so we can try to find the reason for these issues?

    • Mac/PC?
    • Operating system? (windows10?)
    • processor/memory?
    • which browser are you using?
    • anything else you could provide?

    On Windows, you can find your computer info at Settings -> System -> About.
    With Mac, hit the Apple logo in the top left corner -> about this mac.

    Toni //SongHi